We Learn by Asking Questions


My mentor Keith Hafner once said “I have never learned anything while I was talking.” These are really very wise words!

People have a tendency not to ask questions, or to hear the answers if they do, because sometimes you just don’t want to know what the answer is. Sometimes the answer the very hard to hear.

In school as an example the person who asks questions often times is at the head of the class! But you need to  listen to the answer!

The human brain functions by asking questions. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the quality of the question! Questions like “why am I such a loser?” or “why am I so sad?” always result in loss of esteem and joy. Better questions are “what can I do to….” make this work, feel better etc.

But the real key is too learn to ask the hard questions, then really, really think and ponder the answers! This can lead to real break through  in not only thought, but in actions as well! Hard questions are often not asked, but instead blame is assigned. That is never a solution.

Ask questions, lots and lots of questions. Look at the answers, use what works and discard what does not.  This last part is important, try not to dwell on things. Question, listen, analyze and move on.

Life is journey, not a destination.

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