There are things you should never do for money……


My mentor and friend Keith Hafner said this to me about 7 years ago.  I had to agree with him, but each day as I live my life ,I understand this more and more.

Money is not the root of all evil, dumbass, stupid greedy people are! Money is a tool! It is a medium to exchange for good and services and nothing more! It is a cliche, but “you cannot take it with you.” You will die just as you were born with NOTHING. If you are poor or rich, it is all the same thing.

Money is a lot like the leaves on a tree, when the tree is healthy, it grows lots of leaves.  Now, back to what Keith told me.  There are things you should never do for money.

I have my own personal list, and the list does not matter as much as the reason for the list. I will not do anything that violates my core beliefs! When I do this, I damage my self image, and make my self “emotionally bankrupt.”  Now we need to separate the media lies here as we look at this list I think people should live by. You may begin to want to say “that should like..” Don’t do it. The people in the news are irrelevant, and we don’t know the facts, we only assume.

The reason is media, like government is in the business of making money ANYWAY they can! The have no conscience or limits.

You should never…..

  • Lie
  • Cheat
  • Steal
  • Blackmail
  • extort
  • sell yourself (prostitution, sex trade, nude pictures etc)
  • Drug sales, manufacture etc etc etc..

All this seems to be pretty logical, but as the world continues on it was to the elimination of the “middle class” more and more people with become desperate, and do these desperate things.

The world is abundant, and life can be very beautiful. But it all gets down to how you think! If your thinking is bad, your life results will be bad. If your thinking is good, then it will be good.

There is some great reading you can do to help you on this path, but you would have to read! No sit on your ass and do nothing! Leave me a comment if you want to know what books I recommend.

What does this have to do with martial arts? Well martial arts is a path, part of the life journey. It can bring you to understand many things, including your personal moral code of conduct. We all make mistakes, but repeated mistakes are habits, bad habits. It takes time and effort to correct them. But bad habits can cost you everything you hold dear.

Live life on PURPOSE, not by habit.

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