The Coveted Black Belt

Martial arts man tying his black belt, isolated on white

The Black Belt has been a symbol of excellence for a very long time. Some wrongly view it as a symbol of “bad ass” which it is not. I am an example of this myself. I could fight and fight well long before I got into any martial art. I did it because of my passion for the fighting arts, but also to learn to control my temper, which I have!

Years ago we had a women in our school. I won’t mention her name because she is well known in Windsor Ontario, a professional, and I don’t wish to cause her any unwanted attention.

She started to train with us at around the age of 35 I think. She had 3 children at home, and was also going to law school. Her plate was very full! After 4 years of training she was eligible for her Black Belt grading, but also had the 3 kids, and other exams to deal with.  I was surprised when she decided to do it all at once. Perseverance of what?

The day before her testing she was playing soft ball and got hit in the face by a line drive. She tested the next and did fantastic! Indomitable spirit?

Today her Black Belt Certificate hangs on the wall of her law office. A symbol of excellence, and achievement! When people see it they always ask. It attracts more attention then her law degree!

My certificates are found in different places, many hang in the Windsor school for display. Everything I am today I owe to my martial arts training. It helped me develop into the person I am today. I am far from perfect, but the journey is far from over.

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