Taking time to clean house…….


This is not so much a martial arts thing, but over the years being in martial arts has required me to do this.¬† Sometimes, as painful as it can be, you have to clean house and remove all the things, and people that don’t serve you any longer.

It is not cruel, there just is no choice….

Martial arts is about success, business is about success, school is about success, life is about success. But if there are people and things that try to keep you down, then take out the trash!

If you are considering a journey into the world of martial art many people will likely mock you. You know, they makes those stupid 70’s chop socky movie noises etc….. The reason they would do this is not important, just the fact they do it! You don’t need these negative people!

Sometimes they are family, the closest people to you. But you have to deal with it! I will not take advice from people who have not done what I do successfully. It is like have your pastor fix your car!

If you want to be successful in any field model those who are successful! Do you know that your income is the average of your close friends? Do you know your fitness level is the same as your friends? What do you want in life? More of what you have or something different?

So from time to time take a look at the people in your life, especially in social media and get rid of the dead weight. It can be hard, but well worth it!

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