My First Day Training in Martial Arts

Black Belts 1993

Art Mason 2nd Dan Black Belt 1993

I began my martial arts training at the age of 24 on November 10 1984 in Windsor Ontario. When I decided it was time to join a school I looked around for several days until I could find an instructor I liked, who also offered classes for swing shift workers. It was Chung Oh’s School of Tae Kwon Do, offering both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido for adult students. “The Art of Self Defense.” The school was based out of Kitchener Ontario, the instructor’s name here was Philip Hollohan.

The first night in the school was very strange. As I walked from the dressing room wearing this very white uniform, and nice white belt tied around my waist i entered the Dojang. Master Philip greeted me, check my belt and I was for some semi private instruction with one of the senior students. I was amazing, but I felt like a complete moron. I could not do anything!

Weeks passed into months and soon it was time for my Yellow Stripe test. I was so nervous I thought I was going to vomit. But the test went well and I passed. It was my first time meeting Grand Master Oh also. More time passed, I was training 4-5 days a week and loving it. Often times at night with my son Curtis in tow. He would sit at the back of the dojang and play or watch.

By the time summer arrived I was close to Green Belt. After my green belt exam I was asked to go out to a branch location twice a week to help the instructor there and learn about teaching I was thrilled! When I joined I did so with my children’s mom. She was an amazing martial artist.

Around the time I hit the Blue Belt mark my son Curt was 4 1/2. So he began his training very young. a few years later I enroll my other 2 children Scott and then Lisa.

All made the Black Belt ranks.

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