Musings : Missing but never lost!

Master Art Mason 2010

I remember back in 1990 i got some very bad news. The mother of my children, and one of my children both became gravely sick at the same time. Things looked very bad for both of them. This really took the wind from my sails. At the time I was running a school for my instructor at St Clair College 2 nights a week, and teaching the other nights, as well as my own training. Suddenly things came to an immediate stop. Life got in my way. I tool an emergency leave of absence from Chrysler and try to figure out my next move. Things were very hard.

But like everything else in life, things change, get better and I was back to my normal routine within a new months. I always remember a meeting I had with Master Hollohan when he told me, “no matter what happens in life no one can take this away.” He was very right!

The last 5 years of my life have been again very challenging. Things went south for me back in July 2010 at the death of someone very close. From there it just multiplied. I dealt with a divorce, my son Curt leaving the business to go on his own in Sudbury, Curt’s first boy having issues at birth, my mom’s health took a turn for the worse, and I went blind from cataracts. Business took a big dive when I could not renew the lease on Dougall. We had to move several times. The vultures were circling but I am still here.

There is a popular believe that I lost my way. People blamed my relationship with a lady in Romania, they said that the business was entirely Curt and I did not know what I was doing. I found out who my friends really were because many turned their backs and walked away. But that is fine. I have all in life I need. One thing I never understood was why people would go ask my son Curt about me rather then ask me, did you really think he would not tell me? But that too is life.

I never lost my way, but I did have to step back. Nothing is more important then your health, and also your sanity. Being a martial artist was never ONCE in question If I still wanted to do the business of martial arts was the real question. Funny with all I have dealt with all my life some viewed this as weakness. Makes me laugh honestly. People will always see what they want to see, that is the nature of the human.

Today I feel stronger then ever, working at getting myself back in shape. I am able to focus once again on building Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute back to its former glory and beyond. I am again teaching and handling all aspects of life. This is the most driven I have ever been to do this. Even at the beginning. My personal life is great and thanks to a short visit by the woman I love from Romania I feel very centered. But after all these years I have learned to keep my private life PRIVATE.

I was missing but I was never lost. If you thought I has fallen from my path perhaps you should have looked at the park bench I was sitting on. It was a stop along the path. Please try to remember “your opinion is always equal to your illusion.” Everyone was wrong.

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Yours in the arts,


Master Art Mason

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