Martial Arts Training Should be fun!

Master Scott Mason

When adults think of martial arts training they see a very serious teacher who never smiles and runs his classroom with an IRON FIST. Even in the great traditions of the martial arts in the orient this was a stereo type. Life is about having some fun, being happy, even during serious situations. Honestly see take life too seriously.

Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts is a place for serious self defense training. Our “style” is an eclectic mix of the arts Masters Art, Curt and Scott have studied over their long careers in the arts. But we all make mistakes and lots of them! Mistakes are how we learn! All greats makes them! Today lets take a fun look at 2 videos, the first was from 2001 and a filming of a video series for the students. It runs for about 7 minutes and is quite amusing. The second is not so much bloopers as just plan fun playing and experimenting with flow techniques. Enjoy the videos! Please join our channel too!

Next is Master Curt Mason having some fun with Phil Welch.

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