Integrity – The Lost Art

Integrity Concept

Integrity – Being honest and having a strong moral value.

True North on the moral compass

Integrity is a difficult thing to actually put a definition to, however the above is pretty close. Integrity is the 1st Tenet in our martial arts system and school. It is the first because it is the mother of all the tenets.

When we talk of integrity with kids in our class we usual tell them to treat other people the way they wish to be treated themselves. Most of the kids get it, but some don’t.

Integrity is lost in our cultures today. Yes there are still many people with integrity, but the numbers have been disappearing. Young adults today are often very manipulative and selfish, rarely keeping their promises and sometime being outright dishonest or worse!

When integrity goes it is a very slipper slop to other far worse issues in someones life.  Here are some examples of were integrity fails and were it can be improved!

  • Keep your promises. Don’t make promises to make to people happy. This never works because for them to remain happy you must keep the promise
  • Don’t lie – everyone does this from time to time but a sincere effort needs to be made NOT to lie. When yo lie you have to remember what you said, this assures you will be caught! The damage done by the lie is always worse then the true
  • When you screw up apologize sincerely! Don’t do it to get out of trouble as this is shallow and it shows!
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say! If you say you are going to do something DO IT! The world does not need more lazy, apathetic people

Understand everything in life is a choice!  A long time ago in Belle River I taught a very pretty young lady who very much lacked integrity. One day during class she was very hyper and began to drive me a little crazy.  Now the reason I say she was pretty is because she believed that being pretty meant she should behave anyway she wanted to! I told her in this particular class to stand still. Her answers was “i can’t control myself.” So I gave her 250 pushups. Funny that cured the problem, she never had any problems standing still again.

Everything is a choice, chose the right path,

The path of integrity…

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