Criticism The Key to Success in Anything!

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How do you know when you are successful at what you are doing, or becoming successful? Oddly enough it is the number of people who wish to criticize what you are doing!

When I began my martial art training my instructor was always on me about something. I would get very down thinking I could not do anything right! Now I was trained in the “old ways” and he was hard on almost everyone, but especially me.

One day i was very frustrated and a fellow student, with much more rank then me commented, “don’t you get it, he see great potential in you.” I though about it, then after a time was unhappy when he didn’t yell at me! I was immune to the words, but responded to their meaning!

When I opened my school I was very concerned about “image”. The last thing I wanted was an unhappy parent. After time, no matter what I did there was always someone whining about something. I realized that this was life, and was a sign I was doing things right! I knew this because the complainers were a minority, and the raving fans a majority. So I fired some students! Cleaned the negative out.

Internationally because of my involvement in Pressure Point I started to get the same. One day I was told Bullshido had review me and given us a BAD review. The mocked Master Scott for a PICTURE he posed for. I LOVED IT! Now Bullshido is a self appointed bunch of internet geeks I guess who have decided they need to be the watchdogs for the martial arts world. I THANK THEM!!!

Recently I have had some bad reviews for various videos, in which the “reviewer” states I don’t know what I am doing, blah, blah, blah. I have to admit I wish I was so brilliant that I could watch a 3 minute video, and judge a person’s career and business from it! It must be amazing to be the best in the entire world!!! Hahahahha……sorry it just makes me laugh.

Remember NEVER give up because someone says bad things about you! They would love to see you stop! Be the best you can possible be and put these pathetic people in their place with YOUR SUCCESS!

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