And the warrior said……..


Warrior – This is a term I see kicked around by many people, mostly out of ego. I fight in MMA so I am a warrior. Well no, you are a fighter.  Some fighters are warriors’, but not many.

A warriors is not something someone becomes, it is something they are. There is nothing wrong with not being a warrior. It is in fact a simpler life if you are not.

A warrior is someone who never follows the status quo or does something because others think it is right. They have their own path.

If they fall, they get up again, but without thought or pride. They don’t mind that they fell. They realize pain and pleasure are a point of view. So they remain in the middle.

They are confrontational in nature, but violent only when necessary. Death is not feared but embraced a part of life. They follow the rules only when they don’t conflict with their own core beliefs.

They are neither alpha or beta, and they cannot be controlled. To them cooperation must be mutual.  They are the lone wolf, their pack is life.

They understand peace and war are a choice, and each has its time.

They are uncomfortable in their comfort zone and thus strive for the change that is inevitable. People either love or hate them, both are accepted. They live a moral life, but their morals not someone else’s.

Often they are quiet, simply watching.  Never boasting, showing off, or talking of position. Many times they appear neutral.

A warriors does not think he is a warrior, he just is.

They live life on purpose and die with purpose. They don’t seek greatness but greatness tends to find them.

They embrace life and the change that life is.

They are truly alive.

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