A Important Message to ANYONE who ever QUIT


Have you ever quit anything in your life? Well that is a rhetorical question because we all have! But it can become a very bad habit.

I grew up very fortunate in my life. I had wonderful parents. We did not have much money, but we always had food on the table. But as a child I had very little ambition, I tried a lot of things, then I would give up if they became challenging. Here is a short list.

  • I played hockey, goalie and I was good! But I quit
  • I boxed, was pretty good, but I quit
  • High school, yep I dropped out 6 months into grade 12 with a “B” average. How dumb is that?
  • Manager of a Radio Shack at 19 – YEP quit!
  • Life Insurance sales – quit, blamed the company for not training me right.
  • etc, etc etc

The list is far greater, but I don’t remember them all! So what happened???  In November 1984 I decided to take martial arts lessons. I found a teacher I liked and began the journey. I decided no matter what I was NOT GOING TO QUIT! I set some goals, short term, long term and very long term, and just did it.

But why did it work? The training made me feel wonderful and I held on to that feeling when I was not training. I would play it over in my mind all the time. When I reached a goal I wanted more! So I kept going. Setbacks didn’t matter, I loved what I was doing!

So why did it work? I was HAPPY doing it. So then martial art training made me happy? NO IT DID NOT!  I decided to be happy and trained in the martial arts. Then the 2 became linked, and all my goals and personal dreams happened.

What I did not know, is how this works in life  too.  It is the destination, not the goal that makes you happy. It is the journey.

You can have anything you want in life, if the image and thought of it bring you joy! If there are negative feels to it, like fear or apprehension it won’t happen.

There are many FORMER martial arts practitioners out there reading this, many my former students. Sometimes you have to quit for reasons that are legit, often it is just a cop-out. A time of feeling negative about things, disappointed even.

If you allow it, and understand this idea. Martial Arts training can be the catalyst, the vehicle to greater things in life. It is a journey of the self. It turned a habitual quitter into a winner. It can do that for you too!

Get back to the dojo and just do it!

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