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“The Warriors Path” Video Series Coming this week!

Attention Peaceful Warriors students, family and friends!

Coming this week, to Facebook and this blog is a new video series done by Grand Master Art Mason. It is called “The Warriors Path.” It talks not only about what it is like to be a martial arts, a student of the arts, and a teacher, but also what it means to truly be a WARRIOR.

In todays mixedup, directionless world this video series is a MUST.

Stay tuned right here!

See you in class!

Martial Arts Training Should be fun!

Master Scott Mason

When adults think of martial arts training they see a very serious teacher who never smiles and runs his classroom with an IRON FIST. Even in the great traditions of the martial arts in the orient this was a stereo type. Life is about having some fun, being happy, even during serious situations. Honestly see take life too seriously.

Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts is a place for serious self defense training. Our “style” is an eclectic mix of the arts Masters Art, Curt and Scott have studied over their long careers in the arts. But we all make mistakes and lots of them! Mistakes are how we learn! All greats makes them! Today lets take a fun look at 2 videos, the first was from 2001 and a filming of a video series for the students. It runs for about 7 minutes and is quite amusing. The second is not so much bloopers as just plan fun playing and experimenting with flow techniques. Enjoy the videos! Please join our channel too!

Next is Master Curt Mason having some fun with Phil Welch.

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What would Happen If Tonight You Where Attacked Walking to Your Car?


When you’re walking to your car after a night out, after a movie or dinner, do you feel safe and confident? Or do you worry about the shadows in the corner? Maybe someone lurking behind the next car or the trash bin? If you do you’re not alone! Thousands of people every year are attacked on their way to their car in a parking lot or garage.

How about at work? Are there other employees that hassle you on a daily basis, sometimes threatening violence? Or maybe you work with customers all day, what happens when they get angry because things are not going their way, or maybe they’ve had too much to drink and are just looking to take their bad day out on someone… again these sort of things happen every day!

When an attack happens there is a trigger that goes off in our bodies call the “Fight or Flight” reflex. You either freeze on the spot becoming completely helpless or you act upon the situation. The majority of people freeze, it’s a natural response especially when most people have never had to confront an attacker or a dangerous situation. Did you know, attackers always look for someone who isn’t going to give them a hard time?

An attacker will look for someone who looks like an easy target and won’t give them a hard time. In fact there are some very specific things you probably do that give you away as one, such as…

  • Someone walking with their head down
  • A person distracted by rummaging through their coat or purse
  • Someone on their cell phone engaged in a conversation
  • A victim that will be easily pressured into doing what they want
  • Most importantly, someone who will NOT put up a fight!

My name is Art Mason, I am the founder of Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute. I have been teaching people just like you how to not only defend themselves in any situation but also helping with fitness and most importantly having fun while doing it for over 25 years.

Today’s world isn’t getting any safer, crime rates are always climbing. And as our city grows, they’ll only go up. Every day people are mugged, assaulted and worse and most of it never makes it to the papers or news. At my school we teach people from all walks of life how to become safer and smarter about how they do things. Most importantly, what we teach has been proven to be incredibly effective in bad situations!

There are a lot of people around the world claiming they will teach you “Realistic Self Defense”. They also claim they can do this over night! If you look on many video websites you will find them filled with supposed “experts” teaching hundreds of techniques. The problem with many of these, is they are not effective in most situations and depend highly on brute force, strength and size. My school’s program is just the opposite, it can be effective for anyone and everyone regardless of your physical stature, strength, size or athletic background.

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Yours in personal safety,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts

Integrity – The Lost Art

Integrity Concept

Integrity – Being honest and having a strong moral value.

True North on the moral compass

Integrity is a difficult thing to actually put a definition to, however the above is pretty close. Integrity is the 1st Tenet in our martial arts system and school. It is the first because it is the mother of all the tenets.

When we talk of integrity with kids in our class we usual tell them to treat other people the way they wish to be treated themselves. Most of the kids get it, but some don’t.

Integrity is lost in our cultures today. Yes there are still many people with integrity, but the numbers have been disappearing. Young adults today are often very manipulative and selfish, rarely keeping their promises and sometime being outright dishonest or worse!

When integrity goes it is a very slipper slop to other far worse issues in someones life.  Here are some examples of were integrity fails and were it can be improved!

  • Keep your promises. Don’t make promises to make to people happy. This never works because for them to remain happy you must keep the promise
  • Don’t lie – everyone does this from time to time but a sincere effort needs to be made NOT to lie. When yo lie you have to remember what you said, this assures you will be caught! The damage done by the lie is always worse then the true
  • When you screw up apologize sincerely! Don’t do it to get out of trouble as this is shallow and it shows!
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say! If you say you are going to do something DO IT! The world does not need more lazy, apathetic people

Understand everything in life is a choice!  A long time ago in Belle River I taught a very pretty young lady who very much lacked integrity. One day during class she was very hyper and began to drive me a little crazy.  Now the reason I say she was pretty is because she believed that being pretty meant she should behave anyway she wanted to! I told her in this particular class to stand still. Her answers was “i can’t control myself.” So I gave her 250 pushups. Funny that cured the problem, she never had any problems standing still again.

Everything is a choice, chose the right path,

The path of integrity…

The Coveted Black Belt

Martial arts man tying his black belt, isolated on white

The Black Belt has been a symbol of excellence for a very long time. Some wrongly view it as a symbol of “bad ass” which it is not. I am an example of this myself. I could fight and fight well long before I got into any martial art. I did it because of my passion for the fighting arts, but also to learn to control my temper, which I have!

Years ago we had a women in our school. I won’t mention her name because she is well known in Windsor Ontario, a professional, and I don’t wish to cause her any unwanted attention.

She started to train with us at around the age of 35 I think. She had 3 children at home, and was also going to law school. Her plate was very full! After 4 years of training she was eligible for her Black Belt grading, but also had the 3 kids, and other exams to deal with.  I was surprised when she decided to do it all at once. Perseverance of what?

The day before her testing she was playing soft ball and got hit in the face by a line drive. She tested the next and did fantastic! Indomitable spirit?

Today her Black Belt Certificate hangs on the wall of her law office. A symbol of excellence, and achievement! When people see it they always ask. It attracts more attention then her law degree!

My certificates are found in different places, many hang in the Windsor school for display. Everything I am today I owe to my martial arts training. It helped me develop into the person I am today. I am far from perfect, but the journey is far from over.

We Learn by Asking Questions


My mentor Keith Hafner once said “I have never learned anything while I was talking.” These are really very wise words!

People have a tendency not to ask questions, or to hear the answers if they do, because sometimes you just don’t want to know what the answer is. Sometimes the answer the very hard to hear.

In school as an example the person who asks questions often times is at the head of the class! But you need to  listen to the answer!

The human brain functions by asking questions. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the quality of the question! Questions like “why am I such a loser?” or “why am I so sad?” always result in loss of esteem and joy. Better questions are “what can I do to….” make this work, feel better etc.

But the real key is too learn to ask the hard questions, then really, really think and ponder the answers! This can lead to real break through  in not only thought, but in actions as well! Hard questions are often not asked, but instead blame is assigned. That is never a solution.

Ask questions, lots and lots of questions. Look at the answers, use what works and discard what does not.  This last part is important, try not to dwell on things. Question, listen, analyze and move on.

Life is journey, not a destination.

Criticism The Key to Success in Anything!

Healthy lifestyle : Silhouette of a girl practicing the karate katta during blue hour sunset.

How do you know when you are successful at what you are doing, or becoming successful? Oddly enough it is the number of people who wish to criticize what you are doing!

When I began my martial art training my instructor was always on me about something. I would get very down thinking I could not do anything right! Now I was trained in the “old ways” and he was hard on almost everyone, but especially me.

One day i was very frustrated and a fellow student, with much more rank then me commented, “don’t you get it, he see great potential in you.” I though about it, then after a time was unhappy when he didn’t yell at me! I was immune to the words, but responded to their meaning!

When I opened my school I was very concerned about “image”. The last thing I wanted was an unhappy parent. After time, no matter what I did there was always someone whining about something. I realized that this was life, and was a sign I was doing things right! I knew this because the complainers were a minority, and the raving fans a majority. So I fired some students! Cleaned the negative out.

Internationally because of my involvement in Pressure Point I started to get the same. One day I was told Bullshido had review me and given us a BAD review. The mocked Master Scott for a PICTURE he posed for. I LOVED IT! Now Bullshido is a self appointed bunch of internet geeks I guess who have decided they need to be the watchdogs for the martial arts world. I THANK THEM!!!

Recently I have had some bad reviews for various videos, in which the “reviewer” states I don’t know what I am doing, blah, blah, blah. I have to admit I wish I was so brilliant that I could watch a 3 minute video, and judge a person’s career and business from it! It must be amazing to be the best in the entire world!!! Hahahahha……sorry it just makes me laugh.

Remember NEVER give up because someone says bad things about you! They would love to see you stop! Be the best you can possible be and put these pathetic people in their place with YOUR SUCCESS!

Black Belt – What does it mean?

Black Belt

What does it mean to be or become a Black Belt? The Black Belt in western and eastern culture has become a recognized symbol or excellence and achievement in society today. When I tell someone I am a martial arts teacher by profession they will ask me, “are you a black belt?” When i answer yes there is suddenly a different view of me. Many corporations now use the Black Belt as an example of excellence in the company. Interesting eh??

I remember well the day I was promoted for the first time to a Black Belt rank. But I remember even better when it happened to my children. So what does this achievement really mean?

Well if you view it as an end, there it really has no meaning at all. Do you often look at your high school or college / university degree? Probably not. However if you view this Black Belt achievement as the beginning of life’s journey then it has great personal meaning. I was pretty proud of myself when I got my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan’s. But when I hit 4th Dan I came to the realization of just how little I really knew and how much more there was to learn! Today at 9th Dan, with many other Black Belts in other arts under my “belt” i have concluded that everyday I know less and less.

Black Belt is something you ARE, not something you become. I have heard many excellent martial artists call themselves “martial artists” and there was a time I felt that way too. But now as I no longer think about my rank, think about the techniques or the movement, I have become something different.

I am not a martial artist, I am an artist of life. Becoming a black belt was part of a journey to understand what it means to be alive, and all the adventures both good and bad which that entails.

Just my thoughts,

Martial Arts as Self Defense?


There has been much controversy over the years as to how effective most martial arts are in a self defense situation. This controversy has even created an industry of “combat systems” like Krav Maga to try to fill an need in the martial art industry.

One reason for this is the passion people have for sport. Sport and self defense are at the opposite end of the spectrum. You can be world champion and easily get smoked on the street.

Self Defense is a mind set. Some people no matter how much training will never be able to defend themselves. It is not in them to do this. No amount of training can change this. There are others who need no training. Self defense is an instinct for them.  Martial Arts training will however make them much more effective!

A martial art like the one I teach is purely for self defense purposes. We use traditional ways to teach movements that overtime become muscle memory. They happen naturally, so they will be effective, if you have it in you to defend yourself.

Often people will criticize things like one step sparring because as they say, “this would never happen in real life.” No kidding, the reason they are taught is again to create muscle memory. The situation will never happen, but with enough practice the movements will happen.

If you are looking to resolve a problem quickly, there are some excellent combat systems available, and also some serious crap. It just depends on how often you are in a position of defending yourself as to whether to go martial arts or combat. Combat systems do not offer the same benefits as martial arts training does.  It is a fix for a problem.

We live in a quick fix society today. Instant gratification. But real benefits, the ones you can get from martial art training are life changing, but they take time.  Believe me it is worth the time invested. If i was offered all those years of my life back under the condition I lost the knowledge I have acquired training, go back to being 24, I would decline. Martial arts has made me what and who I am today.

Is Rank Important?

This is an age old question. There are many purists out there who believe rank is a game played by “marketers” to sell a product they call “karate” or whatever. They think it is a sell out of some kind to strive for more rank. Most of them are quitters. But they also are not completely wrong.

People in today’s world need MOTIVATION. And anyone who is a martial artist who has a brain, and many, too many don’t, would realize that the benefits of training come with TIME, the more time, the greater the benefit!

Titles like “champion” are nice, but they are fleeting. Earned rank is not defeated in the next match. There is always someone better and there always will be. Rank is personal, no one can take that away unless you allow it. You concured the great opponent to get it, yourself!

When I see a person achieve a rank, any rank in the arts by working hard, persevering in training I am very happy for them! Because that lesson is a step to greater things. If they has quit, they would have quit many other things too! I know I was once a quitter.

Those who think rank is worthless, you are welcome to your opinion, but it is just that, an opinion and we all have them! Try putting your ego aside and looking at what it means.

Martial arts is a personal journey. How far you go is up to you. Best to reach for the star, then you will at least hit the moon…..