Learn the AMAZING Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids.


What are the benefit of putting your son or daughter into a martial arts program? How do you choose a school suitable to bring your child too? Martial Arts can teach respect, focus, self control, courtesy, and much, much more!

Below I am leaving you with a 4 minute video we did about 9 years ago to help educate the public and what to look for in a martial art school. Please take time to review this.

When you consider a martial arts program for you child keep all these things in this video and article in mind. Feel free to contact my office at 519-551-2228 to ask any questions you may have.

Visit our website today for more information on our program also! See the amazing benefits for child in martial arts, when they are in the right school! Follow this link for more information now!

Yours in raising strong, confident and focused children,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Masons’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts

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