Has your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?

Is the school suggesting your child needs to be on these drugs to keep
him or her focused?

Do your worry about the effects of this medication and the real need for it?

We may have just the solution your are looking for!


Dear Parents and Grand Parents

My name is Art Mason. I have been teaching martial arts to children who have ADD or ADHD for 30 years. Our school has been very successful working with children and adult with Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD) and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyper Activity (ADHD). Children & Adults learn to focus, as well as build self confidence and give their energy a positive outlet. With both correction and positive reinforcement children grow strong, focused and content, while learning life skills helping to focus energy in a positive way, as well as learning to interact with others and the world around them in a positive manner.

So, how can we help a child with ADD / ADHD? The first step is to improve the child’s CONFIDENCE. With confidence growing the child soon discovers abilities they did not know they had. Soon focus and attention span start to improve. Children with ADD/ADHD are often highly intelligent and curious. With proper motivation and hard work soon many of these children no longer require medication!

For more information on how we can help, please follow this link!

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